Growing a greener car from the inside

Woodbridge Foam, Mississauga Ontario

Derived from plant seed oils instead of petroleum, BioFoam™ can be found in seat cushions, head restraints, and arm rests, acoustic insulators, cargo systems and energy management safety components. The collective belief that developing products based on biotechnology was a strategic imperative was and remains a key element in driving this pursuit. Customers want greener cleaner products while maintaining safety specifications of the automotive industry. Dr. Khalil is proud of the advancements Woodbridge Foam has pursued making automobile components greener and more environmentally sustainable. “We’ve been able to show biotechnology is not a fantasy, it’s not a curiosity. Our products clearly demonstrate that biotechnology can be used in durable products, in the most demanding applications and can be applied using existing manufacturing processes.” This success is the result of internal research and development as well as collaboration with Universities and research centres. The company’s unshakable belief in environmental sustainability and social responsibility has guided the internal development of bio-based products and the commercialization of the first automotive interior products containing materials derived from renewable and sustainable resources. This initiative was rewarded by auto companies who embraced the approach and demanded that other suppliers follow the Woodbridge example. With a firm belief the biotechnology revolution is here to stay and is changing the world, watch how areas such as fermentation, enzymes, and algae are driving research to shape our future.