Fresh air for the oil sands

CO2 Solutions, Quebec City, Quebec

Significant investment has gone into solutions to mitigate the impact of oil sands development via carbon capture and sequestration. CO2 solutions has harnessed the power of biotechnology to provide a promising and cost effective solution by essentially designing an industrial lung that uses the same enzymes we do to capture and process carbon dioxide into a clean environment management opportunity.

In short, the company has designed an industrial lung, which captures and processes the CO2 using the same enzymes that humans and thus provides the opportunity to clean up the environment. And the stored CO2 can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, ranging from enhanced oil recovery in the carbonation of beverages, through the production of pulp and paper, greenhouse use and chemical production, which themselves allow a new sequestration. CO2 Solutions is the leader in enzymatic carbon capture and sequestration of CO2. This tool viable mitigation of climate change allows customers in need of CO2 for new or existing applications to reduce acquisition costs.

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