Gold Leaf Award Categories and Nomination Form

Deadline is July 1st, 2021. Winners will be celebrated during Global Biotech Week 


Recognizing the many players involved in attracting investment, commercialize innovation, and establish globally competitive Canadian companies that will provide long term, highly skilled employment opportunities for Canadians. An ecosystem builder will be an organization or company who has distinguished itself through its contributions to Canadian communities beyond their respective business and economic impact. The respective nominee demonstrates leadership, showing significant contributions to the Canadian biotech ecosystem through their engagement and responsibility.


An individual or group of individuals have challenged the status quo, broken down barriers, and re-written the rules for their biotech business. Their dedication and everyday actions are leading the biotech revolution. Respected by people inside and outside their organizations, these individuals are viewed as true innovators.


(1 Health, 1 Agriculture/Industrial)
Small and midsized pre-commercial companies who have distinguished themselves from the competition with demonstrated effort. Through technology advances and business milestones, these companies will have contributed to the Canadian biotech landscape.


There is incredible energy being catalyzed throughout Canadian Universities and research labs. Geared to an emerging researcher under 30 years of age. This award is designed to engage creativity and enhance opportunity. Research is the foundation for the solutions our industry is developing.

Game changing technology

The industry is discovering solutions to the world’s pressing challenges. There is a paradigm shift underway where we require new ways to feed and fuel a growing world demand. This category will recognize nominees who have reached milestones such as discovery, investment, regulatory, development, market access, or unique business model.


This award recognizes a Canadian biotech company that has distinguished itself from its peers with strong overall performance as a company, demonstrated leadership and shown significant achievement. It will have reached milestones in terms of financing, product introduction, and / or partnerships during the year that has allowed the company to be recognized as a leader. The company will have established a solid foundation for a strong and diverse pipeline, and impressive potential for sales and earnings.

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