The nomination process is open to members and non-members of the association.

A complete nomination form will include:

  • Contact information for the nominee and nominator
  • Identification of the award for which you are submitting a nomination
  • Details of the nominated individual’s/company’s accomplishments/milestones and commitment to the biotech industry as per the criteria outlined for each award.
  • All nominations must be submitted online.
  • The nominee must not have received this award within the previous five years and must meet the criteria for each award.

The nominator is responsible for informing the nominee their name has been submitted, and must indicate on the form the nominee is willing to stand. One may submit multiple nominations in each category by completing one form per nomination. All nominations are to be kept strictly confidential. The identity of the nominee(s) may not be made public until the awards are publicly announced. The identity of the nominator(s) will be kept strictly confidential.

Nomination Form