Global Catalyst Program

April 19 - August 31, 2018

NRC-IRAP, the Trade Commissioner Service, and BIOTECanada want to help YOU prepare for BIO!

Offered by the Government of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) with additional programming from Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), the objective of this program is to enhance the quality of the engagement between Canadian SMEs and potential partners through:

  • Greater insight into the Multinational side of the negotiation table
  • Honing the delivery of early-stage companies’ value proposition

Thursday, April 19th 
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET

Part 1 of the program is a workshop lead by Andrew Murdin, an industry leader with a wealth of experience with in-licencing on behalf of multinational biopharma companies, including Sanofi.

The objective of this workshop is to give participating Canadian companies a competitive edge while conducting partnering meetings at BIO International Convention, or other similar meetings that include one-on-one partnering.

WATCH the April 19th webinar here! 


Register here for Part 2-4!

PART 2 – Follow-up support with BIO One-on-One profile
Participants will then have the opportunity to connect with the workshop presenter by phone and email to seek individualized counsel and feedback on their company’s profile, partnering presentation, and strategy.

PART 3 – Partnering Meeting Simulation
Prior to the BIO International Convention, participants will also be given the chance to conduct a mock partnering meeting, using their actual slide presentation. Constructive feedback will be provided.

PART 4 – Post-Conference Support
Program participants will be offered additional telephone and email support after BIO. Leader will assist each company in developing next steps, a post-conference business development strategy


Perfect Pitch for BIO2018 WebinarMay 4th- Noon EST. Register here.
This free webinar with international pitch coach Linda Plano will give you proven tools and real-world examples to help take your pitch from also-ran to compelling.


-there is no company cost associated with this program
-participants may participate in as many or few of the components as they wish
-participants are not required to attend BIO

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