Benefits of Membership

Why Join BIOTECanada

The major challenges for Canadian biotech companies remain access to capital and adoption of innovation. On average it takes 7-10 years, and over $1 billion dollars to bring a product to market. The majority of Canadian biotech companies are small to medium sized enterprises. Canada needs a fiscal framework to encourage investment and a regulatory regime to foster adoption.

By joining BIOTECanada, your company becomes part of an effective advocacy and regulatory voice representing the collective interests of the Canadian biotechnology industry. We have the tools to help your business reach its full potential through government relations, communications, marketing and membership services.

The pages in the section outline the benefits and services that membership provides.  For more information, contact us.

What do our members say about us?

Participation in our committees and advisory boards:


“Novartis Vaccines participation on the VIC benefits us in may ways.  Firstly, it gives us a platform from which to help influence the vaccines environment in a manner that is positive for the industry and by default, Novartis.  Secondly, it gives access to key PH and BGTD individuals to discuss critical items common to all companies.  Thirdly, it allows for a greater and collective voice on issues common to all companies.  Individually we are just one voice but collectively, we carry much more weight.  Essentially, if the VIC speaks others listen.  Lastly, we learn a great deal from our other member companies and can address emerging issues more rapidly with our collective efforts.”

John Dorsey, Head, Vaccines & Diagnostics Canada
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Participation in our advocacy initiatives:


“BIOTECanada represents a key player in the growth of the bio-economy.  The advocacy work, along with work conducted at the committee levels, provides real and meaningful results for the industry and represents a vital force necessary for the biotechnology industry to deliver the benefits of biotechnology to Canada.  BIOTECanada continues to deliver on many industry initiatives and is an important asset for member companies.”

Steven Fabijanski, Ph.D.President and Chief Executive Officer
Agrisoma Biosciences Inc.

“Biotechnology is a field where no one is an island. Interaction between companies, government agencies and the financial community is a daily accordance. I have found BIOTECanada to be a great help in facilitating the type of interactions that we need to move our business agenda forward.”

Jack Grushcow, President and CEO
Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc.

Participation in our business development programs:


“Our relationship with BIOTECanada is vitally important to our company.  We greatly value the support we receive in attending international partnering events so that we can market our technologies to prospective partners around the world.  We believe that BIOTECanada is committed to helping us achieve our partnering objectives.”

Michael Barr, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
Critical Outcome Technologies Inc.