Canada is in an enviable position globally. Home to a strong biotech ecosystem including a highly skilled workforce, hundreds of early stage companies, supportive university and health care systems, leading science and scientists, Canada is well-positioned to attract more investment, companies and people. The importance of improving Canada’s competitive position to attract, grow and retain top tier talent cannot be overstated. With great science, the right talent and sufficient investment, Canadian innovation can be developed and commercialized in Canada.

Poised as a vital component of Canada’s push to develop more knowledge-intensive industries, Canada’s biotechnology sector is composed of many early-stage companies that are expecting significant growth in the future. A recent survey by Deloitte underscores the reality that the search for talent and investment will continue as an important industry priority for the immediate period ahead. The sector is currently represented by small and medium-sized companies expecting to create new high paying jobs in the coming five years.

  • The number of companies with 25 or more employees is expected to increase from 15% in 2017 to 33% min 2021, an increase of 23%.
  • The most sought-after positions are in clinical and medical development, identified as the most difficult position to hire by 20% of respondents. Business development ranked the second most difficult with 19% of respondents, while Regulatory Affairs was third with 17%.

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The biotechnology ecosystem in Canada is a world leading network of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and global commercial operations, all working together to build on established success for ongoing economic growth. Recently, the federal government announced its intention to improve and increase the tools needed to nurture and attract global calibre talent. Skilled human capital and investment capital are central to the biotechnology sector’s ability to take an innovative idea from the lab to commercial viability. Building on the success of the Global Talent Stream pilot, Budget 2019 proposes to make the Global Talent Stream a permanent program. A permanent Global Talent Stream will give Canadian businesses expedited, predictable access to top global talent when Canadian workers are unavailable.

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The following wage subsidy programs could be of interest.

BioTalent Canada: https://www.biotalent.ca/programs/student-work-placement-program/

MITACS Career Connect: https://www.mitacs.ca/en/career-connect

NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program:

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