Vaccine Innovation Conference 2015

Distinguished keynote speakers included Dr. Lorne Babiuk, University of Alberta, Dr. Greg Poland, Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Rino Rappuoli, GSK together with many of Canada’s top vaccine researchers. Vaccine research and development in Canada, bacterial vaccines, viral vaccines, formulations, delivery and bioprocessing were topics to identify strengths and gaps in the Canadian vaccine landscape.
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Presentations from 2015 Conference

Strengths and Gaps in the Canadian Vaccine Landscape: a biotech perspective 
Nathalie Charland, PhD Medicago

Development of RSV Vaccines
Ann-Muriel Steff, PhD GSK

Development of Advanced Adjuvants and Immune Modulators
R.E.W (Bob) Hancock, University of British Columbia

Canadian Contribution to Vaccine Adjuvant R&D 
David Burt, GSK

Emerging of the first novel Canadian adjuvant and its potential 
Denis Leclerc, Folia Biotech

Formulations, Delivery and Bioprocessing
Jim Richards, NRC

Vaccination: Canada’s leadership over the last century
Lorne A. Babiuk, University of Alberta

Hepatitis C Vaccines
Michael Houghton, University of Alberta

Can we eliminate important bacterial pathogens with protein-based vaccines?
Dr. Tony Schryvers, University of Calgary