About BIOTECanada

BIOTECanada’s mission is to lead the advancement of a globally competitive Canadian biotechnology ecosystem.

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BIOTECanada is the national industry association with over 200 members located nation wide, reflecting the diverse nature of Canada’s health, industrial and agricultural biotechnology sectors. In addition to providing significant health benefits for Canadians, the biotechnology industry has quickly become an essential part of the transformation of many traditional cornerstones of the Canadian economy including manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and forestry industries.

Mission Statement

BIOTECanada’s mission is to lead the advancement of a globally competitive Canadian biotechnology ecosystem.

Through a constructive working relationship with policymakers and regulators establish industry data/ analytics to support an ongoing working relationship in support of industry/ government objectives for the sector.

Increase investment in Canadian biotechnology innovation, research and commercialization with the aim of establishing globally competitive and commercial Canadian-based biotechnology companies.

Grow Canada’s capacity to attract and develop C-suite entrepreneurial talent and biotechnology leadership.

Advisory Boards and Committees

Emerging Companies Advisory Board

This CEO advisory board serves the needs of small to medium size member companies, most of which do not yet have major products approved or on the market. The ECAB addresses issues affecting smaller companies and facilitates the development of BIOTECanada’s programs and policy positions to enhance the development of these companies.

Health Advisory Board

Comprised of representatives from Canada’s leading-edge developers of biological therapeutics and vaccines, the HAB engages leading decision makers on critical issues to ensure innovative life-saving biotech treatments are developed in Canada and are available to Canadian citizens. The advisory board acts through a series of sub-committees to address regulatory, product access, intellectual property and industrial development issues that affect the entire biotech health-sector from start-up to multi-national.

Industrial, Agricultural, & Environmental Biotechnology Committee

The IAEC is focused on the development of an strong policy, advocacy, and investment environment in Canada to enable the biotechnology industry to penetrate traditional agricultural and industrial domestic and global markets with bio-derived products and seek solutions to environmental challenges. Specifically, the committee works on issues related to capital formation, regulatory environment, and market awareness and demand. The over 40 committee members are represent leading organizations in industrial and agricultural biotechnology.

Vaccine Industry Committee

The VIC is comprised of Canada’s major vaccine developers and suppliers. Members actively engage with the federal, provincial and territorial governments to foster full access and availability of all vaccines including existing, new and innovative vaccines for all Canadians. The committee also promotes the high quality nature of Canadian research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of vaccines, and develops awareness of the value of vaccines to the Canadian health care system.

Accessible Customer Service Policy

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