Advisory Board And Committees

Emerging Companies Advisory Board

This CEO advisory board serves the needs of small to medium size member companies, most of which do not yet have major products approved or on the market. It addresses issues affecting smaller companies and facilitates the development of BIOTECanada’s programs and policy positions to enhance the development of these companies.

Industrial,  Agricultural, & Environmental Biotechnology Committee

The IAEC  seeks to ensure Canada is globally competitive in industrial and agricultural biotechnology. Its members work with key government officials and stakeholders to create a public policy and regulatory environment that promotes the development of environmental, agricultural and industrial biotechnology in Canada. Members of the advisory board represent leading providers of innovative science-based technology for industrial biotechnology and agriculture to address the issues in this growing sector including standards, awareness and market adoption/opportunities.

Health Advisory Board

Comprised of representatives from Canada’s leading-edge developers of biological therapeutics and vaccines, the board engages leading decision makers on critical issues to ensure innovative life-saving biotech treatments are developed in Canada and are available to Canadian citizens. The advisory board acts through a series of sub-committees to address regulatory, product access, intellectual property and industrial development issues that affect the entire biotech health-sector from start-up to multi-national.

Vaccine Industry Committee

VIC members are the leading vaccine manufacturers serving the Canadian market and early stage Canadian companies developing advanced vaccine technologies. The committee works to ensure a secure supply of vaccines for Canada, advocates for equitable access to vaccines for all Canadians, and promotes the value of immunization as one of the most cost-effective health interventions available.