Statement of Ethical Principles

BIOTECanada introduced a Statement of Ethical Principles. All members of BIOTECanada adhere to the Association's long established Principles.

Membership Criteria Health

BIOTECanada and its member companies are dedicated to the sustainable commercial development of biotechnology. This involves the introduction of new products and processes to improve health, agriculture, the environment, and industrial operations. In pursuing this mission, members recognize that adherence to strict ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws is critical to the industry’s ability to continue to collaborate with stakeholders and maintain the trust of the public. For these reasons, BIOTECanada introduced a Statement of Ethical Principles. All members of BIOTECanada adhere to the Association’s long established Principles.


In addition to these Principles, BIOTECanada encourages its members to maintain the highest standards for ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct related to company interactions with stakeholders and the public. In 2007, our agricultural biotechnology members developed commercial practice standards for member companies introducing agricultural biotechnology products. In 2009 health member companies followed suit through the introduction of commercial practice standards for health members. These standards reflect the established good business practices of our members and look to guide product introductions as well as company interactions with professionals, the scientific research community, government officials, public office holders, and the general public.

Where not otherwise established, BIOTECanada expects each member company involved in the introduction of biotechnology technologies, processes and products to adopt transparent commercial practice standards tailored to its own particular circumstances and in compliance with all applicable local, provincial, and federal laws and regulations. BIOTECanada’s commercial practice standards were designed to be living documents to be reviewed annually and modified to reflect the business realities of Canada’s biotechnology community.