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Biotalent Compensation Guide

Worried about keeping your top talent? Make sure your salaries are competitive. Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge. Knowing compensation practices within your market keeps you a step ahead. BIOTECanada in partnership is pleased to offer BioTalent Canada’s Compensation Guide, a national review of 32 of the most popular job functions within the Canadian bio-economy. It consists of job descriptions and experience, the skills and education required to effectively function in the role, and an overview of the salaries and benefits. With this data, you can benchmark your compensation packages to remain competitive.

Get the Knowledge to Attract and Retain Top Talent: •    Gain access to industry-standard compensation practices in the bio-economy •    Benchmark your compensation packages against the market •    Benefit from market intelligence to retain top talent and reduce turnover •    Tap in to  market knowledge to hire with confidence •    Get affordable bio-economy specific compensation data The Compensation Guide gives you: •    32 top skills profiles in Canada’s bio-economy •    Description of job functions •    Professional experience, competencies and education required per job function •    Salary and benefits data List Price: $515

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STAT+ And STAT Reports

BIOTECanada has partnered with STAT+ the premium subscription service for in-depth biotech, pharma, policy, and life science coverage and analysis. BIOTECanada members will receive a $100 discount off of STAT+ and STAT Reports.
This discount brings the annual cost down to $249/year for STAT+, and the cost of a report down to $399Discount does not apply to monthly STAT+ subscriptions.

STAT+ is a news subscription that provides daily coverage and analysis of biotech, pharma, health policy, and the life sciences. Our award-winning team covers news on Wall Street, policy developments in Washington, early science breakthroughs and clinical trial results, and health care disruption in Silicon Valley and beyond.

STAT Reports
STAT Reports are deep-dive business intelligence reports written by STAT reporters that help you make sense of the ever-changing health and life sciences industries. Each report covers a topic that is top-of-mind for industry professionals, and helps you stay abreast of the latest companies, disruptive technologies, and personalities shaping the space.

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