Looking To Work In Canada?

There are many biotech companies in Canada looking for talented individuals to join their teams. We have gathered a few here to pique your interest – click on the logo to see each company’s job listing.

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Looking To Work In Canada?

The biotechnology ecosystem in Canada is a world leading network of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and global commercial operations, all working together to build on established success for ongoing economic growth. The Global Talent Stream will give Canadian businesses expedited, predictable access to top global talent when Canadian workers are unavailable.

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HIRE AN INTERN TODAY! The MBDC Program offers advanced training in the biomedical sciences complemented by fundamental business training using experiential, inquiry and team-based learning.

• Students are rigorously selected with an incoming “A” cohort grade average
• Independent research and consultation experience in a health-sci start-up company
• Innovative curriculum integrating business presentations and case studies
• Both 4 and 8-month internship terms available (Longer terms are possible)
• Program support is available every step of the way, from job posting to making offers
• Tax credits of $3,000/student/4-month term & other funding opportunities may be available

The new Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPSc) at UBC offers high quality, educated and trained advanced level students from a broad array of pharmaceutical sciences. These students represent a talented workforce to meet industry, academic and government needs across Canada, there is no salary required from the company and the application process is minimal! The first placements will be September 2022 – December 2023 or January – April 2024 so act quickly. Learn more.

Worried About Keeping Your Top Talent?

Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge. Knowing compensation practices within your market keeps you a step ahead. BIOTECanada, in partnership with BioTalent Canada, is pleased to offer the National Compensation Guide. This comprehensive compensation —available for the first time digitally and in both official languages—reviews 36 of the most popular job titles and skills profiles within the Canadian bio-economy. More info here.

Hiring From Outside Of Canada?

How to offer a full-time job to support a skilled worker’s immigration to Canada, hire a foreign worker or offer a paid internship to a permanent resident or new citizen of Canada. Learn more.