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By 2050 the global population is expected to reach nine billion people, placing enormous pressure on our planet, and requiring the healthcare, agriculture, forestry, energy and manufacturing sectors to rethink how to meet the growing demand for medicine and vaccines, food and clean energy.

Every region of the world is affected by climate change and its health impacts are getting worse. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for increased international co-operation in the face of global crises. COVID-19 recovery presents an unprecedented opportunity to invest in a future of economic and environmental sustainability, improved health and reduced inequities. However, this will only be possible if the world acts together to ensure that no person is left behind. Decision-makers must act today and show strong leadership. A better future is still possible. Learn more at the Lancet Countdown.

Have You Heard?

  • Biotech crops increase yields
    Productivity in GM crops has delivered gains in some cases that are 7-20% higher than conventional varieties
  • Plant biologists are developing drought resistant seeds
  • Biotech science reduces waste by targeting pesticide use
  • GM foods are improving nutrition
  • Sustainable foods, value added products, biotech crops are addressing the global food crisis
  • Crop biotechnology helps farmers of all sizes, biotech science adapts to challenging environmental conditions including resistance to plant disease

Securing Food Supply

Healthier, more sustainable farming practices to secure food supply for Canadians and the world. A growing population signals a global challenge requiring we grow food more efficiently and with greater nutritional value. A strong agricultural sector coupled with biotech innovation will position Canada and Canadian farmers to take advantage of the global opportunity.
• Feeding the world’s growing population, projected to surpass 9 billion by 2050, requires farmers to produce 70% more food on less land than ever before.

  • 1 in every 8 Canadian jobs is related to agriculture – plant science technologies generate $7.9 billion in annual economic activity.
  • Innovation enables Canadian farmers to remain globally competitive with crops requiring less fertilizers, pesticides and water.

BioDesign Website

Since Canada’s National Bioeconomy Strategy was released, the BioDesign Consortium (Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, Forest Products Association of Canada, FPInnovations, BIOTECanada and BioNB) has been supporting the development and commercialization of new bio-based products and biomass-to-bioproducts tech that will transform Canada’s abundant and sustainable biomass resources.

The BioDesign website will be one of the driving forces behind information and collaboration between BioDesign and any other organization that wishes to partner with us. You will be able to get relevant and up to date news on the Canadian bioeconomy, find events across the country, sign up for our workshops, and make sure you and your organization don’t lag behind one of the biggest up and coming trends across the globe.

Canada’s Bioeconomy Strategy: Leveraging Our Strengths For A Sustainable Future

This report was produced by Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, BIOTECanada, FPInnovations and Forest Products Association of Canada. Canada’s first national Bioeconomy Strategy reflects the views of more than 400 industry representative from across the country. With this Strategy, industry has addressed the ways in which Canada’s competitive advantages including access to biomass, global leadership in forestry and agriculture, sustainable resource management, and a skilled workforce, can make Canada a world leader.

Report – English
Report – Français

A survey of Canadian industrial bioproducts companies has revealed that a more intensive communications strategy is necessary to bring to light  successes and opportunities for investors in this emerging sector of the Canadian economy. Investment Readiness Survey of Canadian Bioproducts Companies.

BIOTECanada, the national industry association for biotechnology companies in Canada is pleased to have supported to the Canadian Industrial Bioproducts Industry Priorities Paper.