Healthcare Investments & Exits 2022 Annual Report

At a time when innovation is more important than ever, Silicon Valley Bank’s life sciences and healthcare research reveals 2021 proved to be a banner year for healthcare venture fundraising and investment. Healthcare trends reveal venture fundraising almost doubled in 2021 over the previous year, with phenomenal growth across sectors. Click here to download the report.

Did You Know

  • It takes 10-15 years, and approximately 1.5 billion dollars to commercialize a biotechnology product.
  • 80% of Canadian biotechnology companies are privately owned.
  • The majority of the sector is made up of SMEs:  50% of biotechnology companies have less than 20 employees, and 80 per cent have less than 100 employees.
  • The biotechnology sector is typically more sensitive to market movements than other sectors.
  • The top 25 publicly-traded biotechs in Canada have outpaced the TSX/S&P index since the global economic downturn begun.

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