Building on the Legacy of Vaccines in Canada

Value, Opportunities, and Challenges

Spearheaded by BIOTECanada’s Vaccine Industry Committee (VIC), and compiled with contributions from experts in the vaccine field, Building on the Legacy of Vaccines in Canada: Value, Opportunities, and Challenges provides a unique analysis of Canada’s vaccine environment, highlighting the tremendous medical, social and economic value of vaccines.

The series opens with a background primer on vaccine technology, and subsequently traces the remarkable history of vaccine development in Canada, bringing the reader forward to the 21st century via a detailed synopsis of current marketplace dynamics within the burgeoning vaccine sector. Collectively, these papers present an in-depth discussion of the significant value, opportunities and challenges across the entire vaccine development chain in Canada – from early-stage and clinical research, through to vaccine licensure, establishing national recommendations, identifying sustainable funding mechanisms, and encouraging an enabling infrastructure for vaccine manufacturing, education, surveillance, and immunization program implementation. Building on the impressive legacy of vaccines in Canada, the final paper of the series examines potential future directions, clearly articulating the need for novel collaborative approaches in further optimizing immunization programs across the country.

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