Innovative Medicines Canada

Membership Benefit

Obtain membership with Innovative Medicines Canada (formerly RX&D) for a 20% premium on your current BIOTECanada membership fee for Corporate A members

Your benefits:

  • Participate in the association’s meetings and the Biopharmaceutical Consultative Group: Biopharma members and business development/ research liaison managers of pharma members
  • Access to web-based bio-partnering portal and partnering events and CIHR/Rx&D Collaborative Research Agreement – tripartite projects involving CIHR, Rx&D full members and biopharmaceutical members

How it works:

Membership in Rx&D will remain subject to the approval by the Rx&D Board of Directors. This membership benefit is limited to BIOTECanada member companies that do not yet derive revenues from product sales and royalties in Canada.

For more information and an application form, log on to the members only section of our website.

BIOTECanada Business Development Fund

BIOTECanada is pleased to offer a subsidy to support entrepreneurs and small businesses to attend select international events that focus on business to business opportunities.  Specifically, BIOTECanada may cover a portion of travel expenses for a limited number of Canadian businesses attending key events.

BIOTECanada has been approved by Global Affairs Canada to provide subsidies to Canadian biotech companies travelling to San Francisco in January 2018 for the purpose of business development efforts surrounding Biotech Showcase and JP Morgan Healthcare conferences.

If you are interested in learning more or applying to this program, please contact Emily Meyers.

Program Eligibility:
1. You must be a small to medium size biotech company
2. You may not have received a subsidy through BIOTECanada within the previous two years
3. You will be required to submit a brief report outlining the success of your activity/meetings (no proprietary information will be requested)
4. You must attend a brief networking opportunity with BIOTECanada

Funds will be made available to qualifying companies. The program is limited in number of companies per targeted event.

BIOTECanada may subsidize the following costs for one person per company:
– Up to 50% of registration costs (VAT tax is ineligible) OR 
– A per diem of $200 per day (towards accommodations, meals and incidentals)
* Please note that BIOTECanada members are eligible for reduced registration rates for many business development and partnering events. Check our website for details, or ask us how you can save.

  • Companies presenting at an event will be given priority.
  • Report and supporting documentation is due within 10 days of approved event.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Emily Meyers

BIOTECanada’s International Business Development Strategy document is available to Canadian companies upon request.