Policy Paper

The momentum created for the sector today is unprecedented. This is a point in time for Canada to capitalize on it, measure how we are growing and set the next terms for future success.

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A Global Dialogue

The economic, social and health impact of the pandemic has underscored the strategic importance of a strong global biotechnology industry. The international community has been made aware of how connected the world is regarding scientific discovery, innovation, supply chain, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship as the biotech industry brought forward highly effective vaccines.

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With approximately 900 innovative biotechnology companies located in Canada feeding a national network of discovery and development, the sector is a catalyst for long-term economic growth in all regions of the country and will help drive opportunities in big data, genomic applications and artificial intelligence.

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Canadian Biotechnology: Solving For Today. Building For Tomorrow.

The biotech sector is vital for our health security and economic growth. The government has leaned heavily on the sector through the pandemic and will in all likelihood continue to do so going forward. Accordingly, leveraging and investing in the sector’s multiple strengths and components, including early stage companies, universities, research institutes, and large multinational companies, will create an environment conducive to bringing high value, next-generation agricultural, health and industrial products to the world and enable the economy and healthcare system to get an early jump on recovery. Now is exactly the time when we should be focusing on the future.

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